Who Are we?

Bertus is a trademark from Bakfiets.nl

The main difference between a Bakfiets.nl product and the Bertus is that there is an even better price-quality of the bike. Without compromising the basic quality of the bike.

For the Bertus we choose not always the best parts, but we choose the part that has the best price-quality ratio. With proper maintenance and regular cleaning the Bertus will be as long-lasting as a Bakfiets.nl Bike.

The dimensions of the bike and box are the same as the Bakfiets.nl bike. This means that almost all the accessories that are for sale for Bakfiets.nl also fits onto the Bertus.


Bakfiets.nl bikes are produced individual, while the Bertus bikes are produced in series, in a limited number of versions, and only in one color.

It is therefore not possible with the Bertus to change individual needs on the bike. You buy a standard product.

With the Bertus we have chosen to use strong galvanized parts, at Bakfiets.nl we choose more often for Stainless Steel. This means that the strength is equal only in the rust resistance a Bakfiets.nl will be better.


Link: www.Bakfiets.nl